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by asiandream_in_kan
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what I wanna do, and should do.

What's up everyone !?

well, I was in blue at the beginning of this week.

One day, I found very nice shop in Osaka.
they sell many goods such as designed goods for interior, furnitures, cloths, bath goods, dishes, and so on.

I love such shops, but this one is so special.

what's the special !?

I thought I really wanna work at this shop !!
I just thought it's the one !!!!!!!
( the shop is named MADU
and I even could think I can quit going USA if I could work here.

as soon as I got back home, I checked their home page on the Internet,
but they didn't offer any job.

usually, I give up at this stage....
but this time, it's not the same.
I sent my message to them, and they said
"well,,, ok, then... could you send us your resume ?"

3 weeks after I sent it to them, I've got reply.
they said they can make interview.
I was so happy !!!

but,,,, the result was damm,,,,,
I couldn't make it.
they said they don't need any more person for full time, and part time even.....

i was so so so sad......

but now, I just can think
"well, it was great opportunity for me to think about what I wanna do, again ^^ "

why I quit my job ?
why I think I'm lost in a maze ?

the answer is I had not foung what I really wanna do.

and now, I found it.

so I really thank them. (well, I still wanna work there though ^^ )

now, I'm fine.
I'll find the new and the best shop for me ^^

what you wanna do in the future ?

I hope everyone can meet the one ^^
Good luck for you, and me ^^ hehe..
by asiandream_in_kan | 2006-09-01 18:04